All Stat Home Health - M13 - Alheimer's Disease Inservice Quiz

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Question 1: The more impaired the individual.../td>

Question 2: A good source of familiar music is...

Question 3: A good game for activities is...

Question 4: Teh activity that decreases agitation and improves sleep patterns is...

Question 5: When communicating with the patient, you should...

Question 6: Alheimer's was first described in...

Question 7: A person with Alzheimer's experiences mixed emotions...

Question 8: How many type of memory are there?

Question 9: What is the 3 step process of memory?

   Answer the following questions either True or False.
Question 10: An acute illness may lead to confusion.

Question 11: Change in vision or hearing will not affect a person's ability to understand what is being said.

Question 12: Chronic pain will cause irritability.

Question 13: Constipation can lead to delusional behavior.

Question 14: People with Dementia gradually lose their ability to learn new skills.

Question 15: There is a specific cause for Alzheimer's.