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Question 1: Age related Dementia (AMD) is a major cause of severe vision loss in people over age.../td>

Question 2: Which of the following is the most sensitive spot in the retina for visual acuity?

Question 3: AMD affects vision in which part of the retina?

Question 4: Which of the following should be included when instructing a patient with AMD?

Question 5: Instruct patients with MD that they can continue many activities by using all of the following expcept...

   Answer the following questions either True or False.
Question 6: By 2020, it's predicted that 3 million people in the US with have AMD.

Question 7: Decreased vision from AMD is associated with depression.

Question 8: Eye pain is often associated with depression.

Question 9: Patients with wet AMD may experience metamorphopsia.

Question 10: Risk factors for AMD include dark colored eyes.