All Stat Home Health - M2 - AIDS/OSHA Inservice Quiz

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Question 1: HIV is very similar to a...

Question 2: Viral load is...

Question 3: Worldwide, how many people have been infected with HIV?

Question 4: An estimated how many lives had been lost to AIDS by 2001?

Question 5: To date, how many methods of HIV transmission are known?

   Answer the following questions either True or False.
Question 6: Nationwide, Florida continues to rank fifth in heterosexually acquired HIV infection.

Question 7: Nationwide, Florida ranks second in cases for children.

Question 8: Nationwide, Florida ranks third in overall cases of HIV/AIDS.

Question 9: Bloodborne pathogens are micro organisms carried in the blood.

Question 10: Florida courts can never order involuntary testing for HIV.

Question 11: OSHA recommends that all workers who come into contact with blood be vaccinated to prevent HBV infection.

Question 12: OSHA has introduced a standard based on guidelines developed by the CDC that are designed to protect you from bloodborne disease.

Question 13: Blood tests are used to determine if you have been infected with HIV or HBV.

Question 14: Blood is the most common source of HIV and HBV in the workplace.

Question 15: Which task requires wearing protective gloves?