All Stat Home Health - M3 - Disaster Plan Inservice Quiz

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Question 1: Who will contact you in the event of a disaster?

Question 2: In the event of a disaster, before seeing your client you should...

Question 3: In advance of a disaster, All Stat will contact the clients...

Question 4: Clients going to a shelter should take enough suppies for...

Question 5: If you assist a client, you should call the office...

   Answer the following questions either True or False.
Question 6: You cannot leave the client unless suitable arrangements have been made with the office.

Question 7: If you have a family, you can bring them to the clients home in a disaster.

Question 8: You may be asked to work with other clients in an emergency based on medical need and limited staff.

Question 9: You can take a client home with you without calling the office if you think its best.

Question 10: To keep up to date on what to do in an emergency you can read the policy every year.