All Stat Home Health - M5 - Domestic Violence Inservice Quiz

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Question 1: The leading cause if injury to woman between the ages of 15 and 45 is.../td>

Question 2: In the US, every 9 seconds, a woman is physically abused by...

Question 3: The "buy back phase" is also known as...

Question 4: To attack one's self esteem is a form of which abuse?

Question 5: The most common form of abuse is...

   Answer the following questions either True or False.
Question 6: The power and control wheel has 8 patterns.

Question 7: Confidentiality in the medical setting is not necessary.

Question 8: At least 1 in 5 women seen in the ER has been the victim of abuse.

Question 9: The nursing assessment is the most effective tool to diagnose domestic violence.

Question 10: The medical staff plays no role in ending physical abuse and the cycle of family violence.