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Question 1: What percentage of deaths occur in hospitals?/td>

Question 2: Of the patients who die in hospitals, how many have spent part or all of their last 3 days in ICU?

Question 3: What percentage of hospitals in the US offer palliative care programs?

Question 4: The World Health Organization has define palliative care as the active total care of patients...

Question 5: The interdisciplinary palliative care team includes all of the following EXCEPT...

   Answer the following questions either True or False.
Question 6: The primary barrier to keeping patients relatively pain-free is inadequate pain assessment.

Question 7: The "death rattle" is thought be caused by swallowing incorrectly.

Question 8: The secreations associated with the "death rattle" can be reduced by administering sublingual anticholinergic agents.

Question 9: Reconnection is the process when families of dying patients work through any lingering difficulties in their relationship.

Question 10: Grief is the way you show the pain you are feeling.